A walk through the candle floor

Lighting a candle is such a simple pleasure. For thousands of years we’ve used flames for light and heat. Every time we light a candle now, as modern 21st Century adults, we’re experiencing basic human emotions that have been part of our mental make up since time began. We feel the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel good drug, when we light a candle and watch its gentle, twinkling glow. Its magical, and it really is no surprise that we find them so romantic. The addition of a fragrance, something sweet and evocative, makes the experience even more of a pleasure. Our senses react to candlelight, the smell and look, and to the experience of lighting them. The feeling reminds us of a certain time, a place or better still, a person. 

All these factors influence the work we do here at InScents. These are the feelings we want to create, the moods we want to instill in our customers. We want you to feel that endorphin rush, that feel-good factor. So when it comes to the way we make our candles, we want to put all those feelings and all that emotion into each one. 

We’re able to do that because of several reasons, and in several ways. Our rich history, the result of 130 years of candle making here in Liverpool, gives our team the knowledge and experience needed to create the wonderful products we offer. Years of expertise and the skills handed down through the generations feed into everything that happens on our candle floor. It’s just one of the places where the magic happens at our factory. Our skilled and committed candle team want the candles to reach their customers in top condition and at the very best of quality, just as the whole InScents team does so a walk through the candle floor is as emotive and sensory an experience as it can be. 

Hundreds of hand dipped church candles hang still to dry, like a modern sculpture, there’s the rhythm of machines, steadily and steadfastly turning out thousands of votive candles and tea lights. The team oversee it all, diligent and focussed. The radio blurs out so the whole floor can hear it. There’s a machine filled with various coloured waxes, waiting to jump into action. Past the new testing laboratory, where our candle technicians study the burn, the fragrance, check quality and burn times, and make sure that everything is just right before we move to the next stage of the process. The scent of wax hangs heavy in the air, and all around there is a feeling of that long history of which we’re so proud. 

We follow the sweet scent, its a fragrance we all know well. That signature blend of warm spice, deep rich floral hints and fresh, vibrant notes. We follow it through to the pour filling machine. This is where state of the art technology works alongside more than a century’s history and tradition to produce the beautiful scented candles you can find on our website. Its an impressive sight, and the smell is a real delight. We see warm, scented wax poured into the candle holder, the wick -  which we also make on the premises - is placed in the holder first, its automatically labelled and the candles appear at the end of the machine to be packed, ready to be sent out to you, our customer. 

A walk through our candle floor is a walk through time, a walk for all the senses, and a walk alongside the best technology of the moment. The sights, the sounds and the smells of the InScents factory, just as with our candles, is a real treat for all the senses.