A working day in the life of...Collette Manning

What is your morning routine before setting off for work?
My day starts at 6.45am when my radio alarm goes off and Radio City 2 blasts into my ears! I shuffle into the bathroom with eyes half open, turn the shower on and that’s it.

Awake now, I go downstairs make a cup of tea and take it back up to get ready for work.  I leave the house around 8.15 and drive to work, it only takes me about 25 minutes on a good day. On my way to work I pass the famous Aintree Race Course and I love it when the Grand National meetings are on, all the hustle and bustle of the big race days makes me smile. Whilst driving to work I think about my day ahead and what needs to be done or finished off from the previous day.

What was your background before joining Hayes & Finch
Before I joined Hayes & Finch I worked in sales for Thorne EMI, I was there for 10 years. I have always worked in sales and have always enjoyed it. Before that I was self-employed. I worked for a company called Oriflame Cosmetics, I would organise my days selling cosmetics direct to the public.

What is a typical day at Hayes & Finch like for you?
Were do I begin! There is never any two days the same. Our office is manic! We have an industrious, creative team and we are all mad as hatters. I hit the office on most days just before nine, some of the others have already put an hour or so in, so when I walk through the door they all greet me with an “Afternoon! Glad you could make it”. But all joking apart, we normally start the day with a team briefing, discuss were we are all at with our work load and then prioritise our work. No matter how organised we plan the day, another task will have to be slotted in which puts something else less important on the back burner. We have lists and lists of new projects and product development assignments to attack, this is constantly ongoing. The day flies! 

What is your favourite part about working with the Commercial Team?
As I said we are all mad as hatters, it’s the constant banter, laughs and jokes we all have in the midst of the chaotic day!

How do you spend your free time outside of the office?
Most nights I have something to do like for instance this week:-  Monday night visit to my daughters, Tuesday night a visit to my Sons, Wednesday night I visited my mum and dad's, tonight is our office Christmas meal after work and tomorrow I will probably wrap Christmas presents. 

Weekends are always fun and full, seeing my granddaughters, I have three, Holly, Rose and Lily. I quite often have Holly and Rose for sleepovers at weekends, Lily is still a baby so she is still very much clingy to her mum. I also have to fit in housework and shopping too. I have a busy life but I love it!

What things cheer you or make you happy?
When I reflect on how lucky I am and what wonderful family and friends I have too.

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