A working day in the life of Gordon Cipriani...

What is your morning routine before setting off for work? Prepare breakfast, catch up on the news, have a shower, get changed and go to work.

What was your background before joining Hayes & Finch? Commercial Manager of Liverpool John Lennon Airport – various roles in Finance and commerce, before that. FCCA, MBA, BSc, etc., Husband, father of two. Lived in different parts of the country, and abroad. No criminal record.

What is a typical day at Hayes & Finch like for you? Never really have a typical day! Sometimes processing, planning, working on procedures, analysing, preparing accounts, etc.,

What is your favourite part about working at Hayes & Finch? Days when you get results.

How do you spend your free time outside of the office? Gym, Golf course, Walking in the country, Relaxation with family.

What things cheer you or make you happy? 5:00pm on weekdays; when Liverpool win their games; every time I get par on the golf course.

What device did you use to answer these questions? My PC