A working day in the life of...Helen Allaoua

What is your morning routine before setting off for work?
My morning routine is manic, up at 6 / 6.30 am quick shower and get dressed before I wake the children, if they've not woken me ridiculously early! They do everything in the morning at one pace - slow! Sort breakfast, Zachary eats breakfast at a snails pace and Sophia, luckily has hers in nursery (I'd be late for work if I had to wait for her). Dress Sophia and have a quick cuppa tea while she plays. Out to feed the bunny rabbits before Daddy gets home from night shift Leave at 7.40am with Sophia for an 8am start at nursery.

We play eye spy or sing all the way and I leave her at nursery for someone else to enjoy her constant talking!! Normally leave nursery just after 8 and fly through the office door at 8.29am for the 8.30am meeting 😂

What was your background before joining Hayes & Finch?
In a nutshell print sales. I'd worked in the industry for about 15 years before joining the team

What is a typical day at Hayes & Finch like for you?
Very varied. I account manage some of the wick and core customers and also have a business development role covering Liverpool and the surrounding areas. I work with lots of new businesses who don't currently sell candles and existing business who either use candles within the business, like hotels or businesses and Charities who brand the candles to use as corporate gifts or fundraising.

I'm lucky that I can be office based or out in the field depending on my diary. Always busy though and no two days are the same. I love the days I do presentations / factory tours because it's generally always a surprise for people to see the wonders of the business. 

What is your favourite part about working with the Commercial Team?
It has to be the team. We have fun while we work and can honestly say it's like working with great friends.  We work hard.....and laugh harder (although it's normally at my expense!)

It's also nice to be able to choose the different scents and be part of developing ranges.

How do you spend your free time outside of the office?
With my children! We are always busy doing something,  going somewhere or catching up with friends. It's all about fun and making memories when I'm not in work. 

What things cheer you or make you happy? 

My friends and family and spending time with them. Oh and given that it's nearly Christmas, the Christmas cheese board makes me happy ha ha.

What device did you use to answer these questions?