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We gather behind doors at Christmas time, with the cold outside and the warmth of good company as we bring friends and family close around us to celebrate. Its a time of relaxation, of laughter and a little forgivable indulgence. Its been a long year, we’ve earned it, after all. And what’s better than the simple pleasure of spending some time with the people we love? Christmas carries treats for all the senses, the sparkle of lights, the colours lighting the dark, wintry streets, corks pop, crackers bang, there are carols and fantastic food treats for us all. And of course, the aromas, the mulled spices, festive fruits, the zest of citrus. InScents bring these wonderful warming scents together in our range of wonderful Christmas tin candles.

Winter Spices

The delicious blend of warm, woody spice floats up from this classically fragranced candle, bringing a layer of that unique festive ambience we all know and love so well. Notes of Cinnamon and Clove, Nutmeg and Cardamon come together to create a warming, welcoming fragrance, so typical at this most special time of year. These are the key elements of In-Scents Winter Spices tin candles. In their natural form, these spices have been used for centuries as healing agents in traditional medicines around the world, and its easy to see why. As you light your Winter Spices candle, and the aroma fils the room, you'll certainly experience the feel-good factor. The candles burn evenly for 30 hours, from a wide wax pool which diffuses their fragrance perfectly over time and repeated lighting.

Mulled Pear and Cranberry
The wonderful and unique partnership of delicious, warm spice and rich winter fruits make this a very special and unusual fragrance. Pears and cranberries are at their best at this time of year, and so well suited to being mulled slowly with the deep flavours of winter spice, warming the air with their scent as it drifts up and around the room. Deep and evocative, this beautiful aroma lingers long after the flame is extinguished, flavouring the air and adding that warm festive glow. Family and friends will undoubtably ask about your In-Scents Mulled Pear + Cranberry Christmas tin candles, and as with all In-Scents candles, they make a perfect gift.

Orange + Lemon Citrus
Here is the perfect union of Orange and Lemon. Classic citrus notes form the backdrop to so much of our Christmas experience. From mulled wine to a slice or two in Grandma’s G & T or baked hams with a rich orange glaze, the citrus scent is uplifting and warming and permeates through our Christmas celebrations. As a fragrance for a scented candle, these two ideally matched flavours give a clean aromatic and welcoming lift. Its an aroma we’re all familiar with, balanced together so very well in In-Scents tin candles, and Orange + Lemon Citrus notes provide the ideal backdrop. With a full 30 hours even burning time, you’ll be returning to your tin candle time and again. You can order gift wrapping when you make your purchase, which is perfect for these ideal and welcome gifts.

Winter Berries
As we reach the year’s end, and the cold begins to bite, we seek out the warming and evocative tastes and smells we’re so used to when we look for comfort. We find that comfort here in the rich fruit and winter spiced notes of In-Scents Winter Berries Christmas tin candles. The wonderful blend of forest fruits and deep spice notes which is released by these long burning candles will add that sense of comfort to your room. This wonderful earthy and evocative fruit scent, especially blended for In-Scents Candles brings the aroma of frosted berries and capturing the real essence of Christmas time by bringing the outdoors inside.

Festive Fig + Snowberries
This is a truly unique and magical pairing. In-Scents take the deep middle eastern natural honey sweet spice of figs, and blend it together with the delicate floral notes of crisp snowberries, to capture that winter mood perfectly. This is a luscious and captivating blend of fragrances, both mellow and warming, and will add a delightful ambience to any festive scene. With a steady and even 30 hour burn, you’ll find drawn to relight it often. In-Scents Christmas tin candles make an ideal gift. They can be ordered with or without giftwrap, and orders over £20 qualify for free standard postage.

Eucalyptus, Mint + Orange
Historically, Eucalyptus has been used for its naturally energising and refreshing qualities. Its a vibrant and uplifting floral aroma, instantly recognisable and as clean and crisp as the brittle winter frost. Blended in this wonderful candle with mint, sending our minds back to sunnier, lighter days of summer and the traditional Christmas citrus zest of fresh orange, it produces a light and subtle yet invigorating fragrance. As bright and bracing as the early morning winter sun, this In-Scents Christmas tin candle is a wonderful product.

As gifts for others, as a treat for ourselves, or for a gift no reason whatsoever other than just wanting one (or more!!), InScents Christmas tin candles will help you set the mood this Christmas, the scents will fill your rooms and please your senses, adding that special something to your festive holiday. From the warmth of Winter Spices to the crisp, fresh wintry loveliness of Eucalyptus, Mint + Orange, our candles will bring great fragrance, good cheer and a little light into your world. Merry Christmas, one and all!

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