January. Annnnd breathe…..


Annnnd breathe…..

We survived it! Christmas! What seems like weeks of indulgence now behind us. It seems like months since the works Christmas party. So many long days and nights of just one more chocolate, just one more glass of wine, just one more beer, one more slice of cheese. Just one more…

Everybody enjoyed themselves though, presents were exchanged, little faces beamed with excitement on the big day, while frustrated parents fought the excessive packaging of toy companies and those annoying twisted wires that seem to hold the world together at Christmas. Just when you think you’ve finally unravelled them all, there still seems to be one holding on!!!

We watched our favourite films and programmes. We even watched our least favourite films and programmes - though in some cases, that was mainly cos we were so well fed and watered that we couldn’t get off the couch to find the remote. We played games, laughed together and at each other. Some people cheated. Usually the same people who always cheat. But on the whole, it was a time of pleasure and relaxation. A time to spend with the best of people, our friends and family who we hold so dear. It was a special time, another one to remember. But now its over, our thoughts turn forwards and look towards a new year.

At this time of year we look to make changes and resolve to do the things we’ve promised ourselves. We make promises to ourselves and each other. Some of them, we’ll keep!! Its a time to think of new opportunities for the year ahead, new chances. A change in lifestyle maybe, or a new job or house move. New beginnings and a fresh start. That’s where we find ourselves in January.

Like the man said….’another year over, and a new one just begun’

The TV talks of summer sun, cheap flights, hotels, pool and beaches. They speak of diets, of gym memberships and exercise regimes. We want to eat better and move more. We’re inspired, energised and motivated by the year’s new start. And we’re excited for what the year will bring. It’s still Winter, though. January sometimes feels like the darkest time of the cold season. The days are shorter and the credit card bill longer. The darkness seems somehow darker in the year’s first month. The cold bites harder, despite that new winter coat we got for Christmas. We huddle up to keep warm, reset the timer for the heating, and buckle down until the sun starts to shine again. And there’s those holiday adverts, still promising that it will.

Because of all of this, its still ok to treat ourselves in January. We still need to, really. Its the perfect time to sit, cuddled up on the sofa, or to run a long, deep hot bath, light some candles and reflect on what’s been. To think of what’s past, Christmas and those wonderful moments we shared with those we care about most. Its a time to plan. To put the thoughts we have for 2018 into place. To think of what we want it to mean to us and how we want it to be. Let’s not treat January too harshly.

Let it be your friend. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship….

Have a wonderful 2018 from us all here at Team InScents​