Our new Candle Testing Laboratory

Here at InScents, it’s essential to us that our products are of a consistently high standard. You, the customer, expect nothing less, and we feel the same. We want you to enjoy them every time, just as much as we enjoy designing and developing them. So through every stage of the process, from the very first design meetings right through to them being packaged and sent out into the world, we monitor, check and study every step. Quality is everything, we know that. Throughout our 130 year history, we’ve remained proud of the quality of our products and the services we offer to our many customers.

Our scented candles are a product of that extensive history, and where art meets science, where age old manufacturing techniques meet state of the art machinery, through the skills gained and passed down for over a century, we aim to please. The wicks are carefully chosen and made onsite in our Wick Room. The wax, carefully scented with a minimum of 8% fragranced oil, is then poured into the tin or glass holder. Every part of the process is discussed and checked, monitored and controlled. Of course, we’re talking about something you’re going to burn in your home so safety is also paramount.

As part of our ongoing development, we’ve recently invested in a brand new testing laboratory here in our Liverpool factory. This is where the candles go through a rigorous series of checks and monitoring. Prototype ideas are tested, new fragrances, different waxes and wicks all trialled through the lengthy procedures we’ve put in place. As we move forward, we decided that if we want to keep creating top quality products, we wanted to create a top class facility for testing. Somewhere that would enable us to study every aspect of the candle.

So while the design team busy themselves working on the art side, and the candle room produce the final candle ready for packaging and dispatch, the real science behind it all goes on in the Candle Testing Lab. Our very own mad scientist (and we mean that in the nicest possible way!!) is Derek (or Degsy to his friends!) It’s his job to take our ideas and the design teams plans, and check that they’ll work. Its all about observation, and attention to detail.

He spends long days recording the information, gathering the data, experimenting, and getting the balance right. Its not only his job, not merely a role he plays, but seeing him in action, the job is his passion. And as you’d expect from someone in this important position, he’s a stickler for getting things right to the very last detail. This has to happen in a highly controlled atmosphere, and is a lengthy process. Each candle needs to burn right the way down as part of the process. Derek is the perfect example of the history in our company. He’s been with us for over 35 years, and was actually taught these skills by his father who did the job before him. He himself was with us for more than 50 years, so there is more than 8 decades of knowledge involved in the essential role Derek plays.

It’s only through such dedication and commitment, and thanks to these historic skills and knowledge, that we’re able to offer you such wonderful products. We believe that an investment in our building is an investment in our product, and importantly, an investment to the skilled and dedicated people who make up our team.