Our story...did you know?

Each and every candle we sell, every new product we launch in fact, pretty much everything we do here at InScents is informed and driven by our history. Our knowledge and the expertise we bring to each carefully designed and manufactured candle comes from the 135 year history of our company. Our owners, Hayes and Finch went into business in Old Leeds Street, Liverpool way back in 1882.

Mr Hayes and Mr Finch’s company back then supplied candles and silverware to the grand, opulent homes around the city, as well as to the city’s many churches. Hayes and Finch built their trade supplying bespoke products to the most discerning customers, and began expanding their company to supply the churches in Ireland, and with sales offices all across Britain. The company soon developed a good name for the repair and renovation of silverware and brassware, and this service is still something we offer over a century later.

The company moved to its current premises in Aintree, Liverpool back in 1969, and we are renowned still today, not only for our church supply service, but also our repairs and renovation services, and of course, our candles. Here at InScents, we’re so lucky to be able to harness all this history and knowledge, and to be able to bring you such wonderful products as a result.

A walk around the building, through the candle floor or the wick room, and over to the church side takes you through some of that history. Its a full sensory experience. You can feel it in the air, you can see it in the pride that our 70 strong team of skilled staff so obviously take in their work. You can see tradition and technology meet, the age old methods and machinery working together, overseen by people who love what they do. We’re still a family owned business, and that family ethos is at the heart of our business. That quality scented candle you light, which brings such real emotive pleasure to your home, starts life in this factory, and with this team.

There’s no shortage of interesting facts you can pick up on your walk through the InScents factory spaces. Did you know that there’s over 1,000 different types of wick, for instance? It’s not just a bit of string, that’s for sure!! Each one has a different use, and is developed for a customer’s individual requirements. We design and manufacture all of our wicks, for our candles as well as other companies, all onsite in our Aintree factory.

You'll know InScents for our scented candles. Every part of the candle is designed, developed and manufactured here. We test every design in our own new testing lab onsite. That way, we can be sure that what we send out as the finished product is in every way as good as we say it is. Last year, 2017, saw us manufacturing over 500,000 scented candles! You can imagine, on that scale, how wonderful our candle floor smells when they’re being produced.

As we head off to Spring Fair in Birmingham in February, we’ll be ready to launch new designs and connect with many new customers. Wherever we go with InScents, that history is a part of our day. We carry the story of our team and the story of our company into the bright, sweetly scented future.

Its a future made so interesting by the fact that we’ve learned so much from our fascinating past.