Our top tips for candle safety

We all love candles. From the simple prettiness of a tealight, to the dramatic and imposing church candle and all points in between, they are a simple pleasure. What was invented as a valuable source of light to help us find our way in the dark has, over the years, become something we do because we enjoy it. We use them in a wide variety of ways too, from simply adding some ambience to the dinner table to burning scented candles that remind us of a favourite taste or place. Many people use candles in their home for religious ceremonies, or simply to remember a loved one.

Candles have a magical effect on us all. Its held in the hypnotic effect of that slowly flickering flame, casting its subtle glow, dancing and reacting to every movement in the room as the air moves around it. They are undeniably beautiful things, that’s for sure. However, we need to be aware and conscious of the risks of lighting candles. As good as they make us feel, the dangers of naked flames in the home are real, and can never be overstated. There are a few simple tips to keep us safe.

Keep candles in a sensible place away from children and pets. We like our children and our pets. So when it comes to burning candles, places where small, inquisitive hands or enthusiastically wagging tails can come into contact with a naked flame are definitely not best.

Scented and votive candles release their fragrance by turning into liquid. Always keep them in a holder. Better still, buy scented candles that come in glass or tins. In-Scents scented candles come in a beautiful, thick glass holder which also gently diffuses the light across the room.

Never burn candles in the bedroom.
It may seem like a pleasant and relaxing way to burn candles, but one third of house fires in the UK are caused by unattended candles burning in a bedroom. And you should never go asleep while candles burn. Ever.

Remember, curtains and fabrics burn really well. Don’t ever put candles where they can come into contact with anything flammable, and always take care to keep them away from draughts.

Tealights and night lights get very hot, don’t be deceived by their prettiness. They have their own unique danger. Take care over where you position them, their tin cups are thin and conduct heat. They’ll melt plastics and damage polished wood surfaces.

Never under a shelf. Burning candles too close underneath any piece of furniture, such as a shelf, is dangerous. Hold your hand a few inches above the candle, you’ll soon move it again! That same heat will go into the shelf above it and at best, damage the shelf. At worst,…..well, we all know what the worst is.

Don’t set yourself on fire! Ok, we’re being a little dramatic here, but simply put, it just means, don’t lean over candles. You’d be surprised how flammable your hair and clothes are. Also, for the same reasons, take extra care when carrying lit candles. Or better still, don’t do it at all. As well as the fire risk, hot wax makes a terrible mess, and hurts when it comes into contact with skin.

Keep candles a safe distance apart. A collection of candles of differing sizes or colours always look great, but we should always be careful to allow enough space between them. A lot of wax and flames in too close a proximity is never a good idea, no matter how great it looks on Game Of Thrones.

Take extra care with free-standing candles - give ‘em a firm footing. Make sure church and pillar candles are placed on a level base, with no risk of them falling over. Use candle holders wherever possible.

As long as we take care with our candles and how we enjoy them, we can get much enjoyment from them. Here at In-Scents, we want our customers to enjoy our candles in safety and preferably without having to call the emergency services!