The 5 Most Important Candle Safety Tips at Christmas

The 5 Most Important Candle Safety Tips at Christmas
Every year around this festive time of year we see articles and news headlines regarding house fires due to ignoring the vital candle safety rules. These tragic circumstances could be easily avoided if you follow these top five safety tips:


Always keep clothes, hair and curtains away from a naked flame -

If you are anything like us, you have candles in every room at Christmas, giving that cosy festive feeling (especially when it’s a fragranced candle). Just take a moment before burning to ensure anything flammable isn’t close by and remember to move away any matches or lighters you had to light the candle.

Trim your candle wick -

As previously mentioned in a blog post here, we gave an overview of the importance of trimming your wick. This only takes a few seconds to do and has a serious impact on how your candle burns. Long, erratic flames can easily ignite curtains, clothes and other flammable materials nearby. Easily trim your wick to at least ¼” long.

Make sure your decorations are out of the way -

Remove any nearby Christmas decorations, as stunning as they look nestled on an Instagram photo next to your holly and fairy lights, this is a serious fire hazard. Even the slightest breeze in the air when a door is opened can move the flame and ignite your beautiful home decorations. Ensuring your decorations are moved to a safe place, you could prevent something catching fire.

Always use a heat resistant surface -

Fragranced candles burn and create a liquid pool, this allows the fragrance to fill the room. If you aren’t using a heat resistant surface this could not only damage your interior but be a serious hazard risk. If you are using tea lights, these burn quicker and can damage surfaces such as wood.

Pay very close attention

Once your candle is burning, you may be wrapping presents or spending time with family members and it is incredibly easy to forget you have a candle burning. Keep it in a place where you can see it at all times, just remember to never move a burning candle. Celebrate the festive season by getting caught up in the moment, not in flames.

Extra tip, a gentle reminder...

NEVER FALL ASLEEP NEXT TO A BURNING CANDLE! (Even after indulging on all the festive treats and Christmas dinner)