The Candle and Reed Diffuser's Journey


It’s all go here at InScents at the moment. We’re all busy, busy, busy getting ready for our yearly trip to Spring Fair. This is our opportunity, our big chance to unveil the new designs and new fragrances we’ve all been working so hard on in recent months. Its a moment to make new friends, meet new customers and say hello to some of our regular customers too. For the first time, we’ll be exhibiting at two stands, so it’s with a certain nervous excitement and anticipation that we’ll be heading down the M6, loaded up with these wonderful new products.

Velvet Woods + Amber, White Woods + Amaryllis, and Mandarin Leaf + Oud are the new members to join our fragrance family. We’re excited to see them go out into the world to our customers, and to hear what you think about them. If you love them as much as we’ve grown to, we’ve done something right!  And believe us, the scent is as good as it sounds.

As with the whole range of our scented candles and reed diffusers, they’re a delicately balanced blend of rich, warm spice and light, exotic floral notes. And as with our whole range, the emphasis is on quality. That quality is central to what we do. Its what drives us, and the reason we’re so proud of our products. With all our designs, that insistence on the very best quality starts at the very beginning of the story with the design process. From there, through the development of the idea, testing and through to the manufacture and launch, we’re mindful of making the very best products for our customers.

The process begins with the idea. A broad outline of what we want to achieve. Its a union of ideas, using art, science and the knowledge gained from our 130 year history. There is a lengthy process deciding on the right fragrances. Its not just about the right fragrances, but the right balance of different emotive and evocative tones. Its about finding that perfect blend, to produce a unique scent, which our customers will remember us by. Its a delicate and intricate task, and takes us time and experience for us to reach the final fragrance. Even then, again, we insist on a certain level of quality. For instance, we insist on using a minimum 8% fragrance content in all our candles, which is a figure higher than the industry norm. This means that the fragrance isn’t lost after a short while, it lingers in your room even when the candle is unlit. We also make our own 100% cotton wicks onsite, giving a more even burn and a wider wax pool, which helps the fragrance release. 

All through this process, the design team is developing ideas, putting together colour charts, working off mood boards, discussing everything from the candle holder to the presentation and packaging. We know our customers love our products, that they feel in some way special, and that’s something we bear in mind right through the design journey. It’s that connection that drives what we do.

All our candles and reed diffusers go through to our onsite testing room, and this is where the science is tested. We need to ensure a long, slow and even burn, we want to know that the fragrance is right, and that it’s released evenly. Of course, we must always bear safety in mind as well. Only then can we begin manufacture. Its at this point that the project moves from the testing room and out onto the candle floor, the next step in this quality driven process. History and traditions meets state of the art technology here in the candle room. This is where the months of work come to fruition, producing a candle we can be proud of, a wonderful and unique product we’re confident our customers will enjoy.

It takes a team of 70 skilled and knowledgeable colleagues to bring our products to the market, and each person plays an important and integral part. But the most important part of the journey for these candles and reed diffusers, the moment that matters most, is when you, the customer, gets to enjoy it for the first time. That initial moment when you first open your candle, light it, and enjoy its subtle and delicate blend of warm spice and sweet floral notes. Its all about that moment for us, and the journey to get there is as important as that perfect moment of satisfaction.