Why is it important to trim your wick?

When lighting a candle, we already know there are a lot of fire safety hazards to look out for. Don’t put it near curtains, never leave a burning candle unaccompanied. Yet a lot of candle consumers don’t know the vital information needed concerning trimming your wick. Here we have a round up of why trimming your wick is so important.

The fragrance that comes off a scented candle into your room actually evaporates out of the liquid wax pool on top of your candle. The fragrance and wax burned up by the candle flame turns into odorless carbon dioxide and water vapor. So the candle flames only job is to create that liquid wax pool. A little flame does that job very well. A big flame just burns up your candle faster than need be and burns up fragrance instead of letting you smell it.

Here are some suggestions on how to trim correctly:

Trim your wick to at least ⅛ or ¼ inches long, you can use household items such as scissors, nail clippers or a specialised wick trimmer. This will give your candle the perfect glow, ensuring a brighter and more even burn. Ever wondered why your wick has lost its original shape? You probably haven’t trimmed your wick down. Additionally, trimming your wick keeps your glass looking crisp without black smoke around the edges.

So, why is it important?

If the wick is too long, the combustion process in the candle flame is altered and it produces carbon black instead of carbon dioxide. The carbon black will stick to anything it comes into contact with, including your candle jar, your walls, your ceiling…… you get the idea. Above all else, it will save you money and make your candles last much longer. Bonus! 


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