About us

Who we are and what we do…
We make perfectly scented candles. Our design team focuses on celebrations, trends and perfumes to guarantee production of the perfect candle, suitable as a gift – for any moment or occasion.

Our History
InScents Candles, with over 130 years experience, we are expert candlemakers. We can confidently say that we know what’s what in the world of candles. 

Our factory is equipped with state of the art machinery supporting production capabilities. 

Our staff stay with us too – the average length of service is 15 years. We have a wealth of experience in our personnel and we believe it is this expertise, coupled with modern machinery that sets us aside from the rest. 

Our pour filling machines can cope with a wide range of sized and shaped vessels. It can breeze through production runs varying in quantities from hundreds to tens of thousands. 

In addition to making candles we manufacture the candle wick we use in our candles – we truly understand what makes a candle burn! 

The ability to finely tune wick types to suit specific perfumes, waxes and containers – supports our claim as producers of the best quality candles. 

Consultancy + testing facilities 
All product ranges go through a rigorous testing procedure, which is carried out in–house in our own laboratory. 

This service is also offered to 3rd parties who are seeking reports on burn testing of specific projects. 

For details of consultancy, testing and associated costs, please call 0845 450 5594.