I'm loving the candles so far - I think the bergamot and tangerine one is my favourite to date. The scents I've tried are subtle but pleasant and the glass and packaging for the glass candles are really special and great value for money. I've given some of them out as presents so waiting for feedback about them and this time I'm doing a big order so I can get to burn and sample some myself!

Also love your posts on Instagram!

T. Finch

I was absolutely delighted upon receiving our tinned Christmas scented candles, not only because the product was presented so beautifully but because the aroma was exquisite. I, for one, can often give or take fragranced candles because they can sometimes have an overpowering and almost nauseous effect, but I have to say this product was exceptional and indeed quite often became the talking point of our guests over the festive period.

The scents are subtle, atmospheric and indeed even create a reminiscent quality which set the scene of many a Christmas get together in our house. I cannot recommend this product highly enough and very much look forward to placing future orders.
A. Spinks

Just wanted to say how lovely the In-Scents Candles were that we bought recently – I had them in the house over Christmas and everyone said what a beautiful scent they gave off. Well done everyone! Have recommended them to my pals too!

I am delighted with my new In-Scents candles. I lit one at night and found the aroma in the room really relaxing. I could even smell the scent in the room the following morning. Highly recommended.
L. Wilson

I can’t recommend InScents candles highly enough. I’ve never bought scented candles online before, but they sounded so good, I thought I’d give it a try. I’ll certainly back for more. I had them burning when we had some friends round and lots of people commented on how lovely the rooms smelt.
S. Moran

I like these!! My friend bought me a couple as a gift, and I was really pleased. They’re such a lovely fragrance, not overpowering like some scented candles can be.
C. Hamilton

Wow! How lovely. Such a subtle aroma, and so relaxing.
P. Mason

I ordered a couple of Orange and Lemon candles in the tins. I’m really happy with them. I had one burning in the living room, and kept the other one in the bathroom. It goes lovely with a long hot soak and a glass of wine!!
R. Crosbie

I love my glass candle, so pleased I ordered one. The Bergamot, Tangerine and Coconut fragrance was wonderful too, not too much of it, just enough. A lovely tropical smell, and it burned really well.
B. Curtis

My husband hates scented candles. He says the fragrances smell too chemical. When he came in a few nights ago, I was burning a couple of my InScents candles, and even he remarked how lovely they made the house smell. I think you have a new convert, InScents!!
P. Jennings

What a lovely candle. Received this as a gift from someone in work who knows about my candle obsession. She knows me well! I love it! The scent is beautiful, so pretty, and I could still smell it the next day.
S. Shadari

Just opening my glass candle was a treat! It felt really special taking it out of the box, and I was surprised by the weight. I lit it straight away, Citrus Lime and Mandarin….mmmmm! It permeated around the whole house, and my daughter asked what the fragrance was as soon as she came through the door.
A. Owyebadu

I could burn my Winter Spices In-Scents candle everyday of the year, the scent is wonderful. My whole family remarked on how beautiful and ‘Christmassy’ the scent was.
JP. Davis

My Mulled Pear and Cranberry candle was good enough to eat! Such a lovely aroma, not too much but just enough to give the room a wonderful warming feel. I was so pleased with it, I ordered some of the other scents.
D. Martinez-Gil

My friend bought me a pair of the In-Scents tinned candles with two different scents, Festive Fig and Snowberries and Orange and Lemon. I put one in each room downstairs and the whole house smelt fantastic. They really add something, and I’ll be sure to order some of the glass candles next too. They look lovely.
A. O'Hare

I received an extra large Citrus Lime and Mandarin candle from my son as a present. He also bought me two of the medium ones with the same scent. I put them in the bathroom, and used the extra large one in the dining room. Such a beautiful fragrance too, very exotic. They are really good quality, and I was impressed with how evenly they burned, without any of that mess of the wax gathering up the sides of the jar. I’ll be back for more, definitely!
P. Griffiths

I find some scented candles a little heavy, the smell is sometimes overpowering, and just a bit too much, so I usually blow them out after an hour or so. My Winter Spices candle in a tin had such a natural fragrance though, a really relaxing and warming aroma. Over the moon with my purchase, and I’ll be ordering some more soon. Thanks Inscents.
H. Hanley

My Incents glass candle looked great when burning, and the two wicks burned really evenly. The Citrus Lime and Mandarin fragrance was lovely, a real talking point with our guests. Everything about it was high quality, from the packaging to the fragrance and a few of our friends said they’d be ordering some too. A wonderful candle, highly recommended.
M. O’Mahoney

I’m an interior designer and I love scented candles, they make a real addition to how a room feels. At Christmas time, we all want those lovely warming smells. In-Scents winter spices are exactly that. A beautiful warming, cosy fragrance which enhances the mood and lingers after the flame has been extinguished. They’re a real Christmas treat.
G. Newton

I bought my wife a selection of your Christmas candles, and she was thrilled. She’s a big fan of scented candles and couldn’t wait to light them. She asked for some more when it came to her birthday, now she’s a collector and a big fan of Inscents candles.
L. Lleyelyn

I love, love, love my big glass candle! I adore the smell of Bergamot, and it goes so well with the Tangerine and Coconut. Such a luxurious aroma, and it looks so dramatic when its burning. Its a real statement piece, so lovely.
R. Connor

I really can’t recommend these candles highly enough. Their fragrances are beautiful and understated, they add a touch of class to any room. I bought one in each scent of the glass candles. You can feel the quality as you open the boxes, they’re just perfect. Well done, In-Scents, and thanks.
H. Richardson

I received an In-Scents Eucalyptus, Mint and Orange candle for my birthday, and was so pleased with it. Its such an unusual fragrance which I’d not seen before, and filled the room. It really set the mood for our dinner party.
S. Mason

I was so thrilled with my Christmas candles, such a great addition. The scents, Winter Berries and Winter Spices were so nice, I burned them for a good few days. The fragrances made our whole apartment smell so lovely, and they were a real talking point when my family visited.
C. Jeffries

Wow! What a lovely smell! Thanks so much for my Pink Pepper + Patchouli candle which arrived yesterday. It looks amazing and my house smells amazing. The glass holder is lovely! Very classy! I’ll definitely be buying some more. Can’t wait to try the others. Thankyou so much.
D Keady

My wife was so thrilled with her candles at Christmas. I stumbled on your website when looking for some gifts, and I’m really pleased I did. I bought three of the large glass candles - she LOVES scented candles!! She was really happy with them, and even now, our house still smells so lovely. Great products, and a wonderful online sale, and they arrived perfectly packaged. Really happy. Well done InScents!!
D Green

I don’t normally contact companies to leave a review, but I’m so, so impressed with the candles I bought at Christmas, I just had to write to say thanks. I bought three different spicy scents, and we burned them all the house. They were lovely and subtle, not too strong as so many fragranced candles are. My favourite was the Pear + Cranberry. Very festive!!
J Murray

Love, love, love my Citrus Lime + Mandarin candle. My daughter bought me the extra large one in the glass jar. It’s such a lovely gift and looks just as good as it smells. I burn it in the bathroom when I’m having a long soak. I’ve noticed that it burns really evenly, unlike other brands I’ve tried in the past. I’ll certainly be coming back to InScents for more.
J Millican

I’m really happy with my purchase, thanks. I found your site by accident, but decided to try some of the Home Vintage range. I got the Sweet Strawberry, the Orange and Cinnamon and the Clean Fresh Linen. Absolutely over the moon with all three!! They smell lovely, and I really like the tins they come in too. Wonderfull.
I Saunders

When I saw your glass candles online, I hoped they’d smell as good as they look. They do!! I bought two. The Bergamot, Tangerine and Coconut and Pink pepper + Patchouli. The glass holders look great and feel very classy, and the fragrance from the candles lingers in the room for a long time after I’ve blown them out. These are a real quality item.
R Jennings

Hi!! Its me again!! Just want to say a huge thanks for my two Vanilla Bean candles which came today. They smell so beautiful I’m really happy. This is the third order I’ve placed with you and it won't be my last. My husband thinks I’m obsessed!! Lol
J Newton

What a gorgeous candle. My Pink Pepper and Patchouli arrived today and I couldn’t wait to light it. Just LOVE the smell, its so different. Thanks.
G Griffiths

Mmmmm!! My wonderful new candles smell divine. Sea Salt and Amber is in the bathroom, and I have Clean Fresh Linen burning in my living room today. They really are wonderful and not too strong. Perfect!
P McCoy

As part of my birthday present, my husband bought me some of your pretty smelling candles. He got the glass ones, one of each scent and I’m really happy with them. He found you online, and we’re both really impressed. Citrus Lime + Mandarin is my new favourite.
A King