Emoji Cry Laughing! Smiley Face Gift Tin Candle - Various Fragrance
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Cry Laughing!

The greatest sound in the world is when everyone is laughing. Make someone laugh with this special gift.

• British made

• Free candle accessory with every purchase

• 8% perfume content for lasting fragrance

• Burn time approximately 30 hours

• Tin size 76mm x 74mm

Available in

Sweet Strawberry

An enjoyable summery, sweet berry fragrance. A blend of sticky caramelised sugar warmed and dripped over ripened strawberries gives an intense juicy, fruity fragrance. An all round firm favourite with all our customers.

Vanilla Bean

A twist on a traditional fragrance – the union of Tonka bean and lily compliments this velvety, smooth vanilla fragrance. The sweet vanilla beans enhanced by spices gives a sweet yet musky bouquet of sensual notes. A traditional fragrance with a stimulating twist.

Sea Salt + Amber

Notes of a beautiful seashore and sea salt fragrances, whisk you away to unspoilt beaches. Hints of amber add an earthy feel to this tranquil scent. A sense of the unspoilt and natural beauty emanates from our Sea Breeze fragrance

Sparkling Mandarin

A full bodied citrus explosion encased in a fruity, tangy fragrance. An exquisite blend of sweet satsuma and tangy mandarin. Hints of grapefruit and nectarine give this fragrance a zesty kick to fill the air with an aromatic zing

Clean Fresh Linen

A classic favourite emanating an airy, outdoor, feel of open meadows and babbling brooks. Its gentle bouquet has sparkling citrus top notes leading to a floral, herbal heart. A subtle fragrance that is timeless and appreciated by all.

Tropical coconut and lime

An exotic, zesty, summery fragrance portraying hints of Caribbean luxury. This striking aroma plays on the overt notes of sweet summer coconut, soft warm woods, cool lime and a hint of papaya. All combining to create lingering, relaxing fragrance.

Orange and cinnamon

This aromatic, spicy, fragrance transports you to Mediterranean citrus groves. Orange and lemon combined with warm cinnamon and clove enhance the hints of floral jasmine and fresh pine to result an uplifting fragrance that adds ambience to any occasion.